Saturday, September 29, 2012

My all time favorite....

So my all time favorite band is actually someone that i have never seen perform before. FAITH NO some this might come as a shock because its kinda out of left field compared to everything else i listen to. BUT make no mistake they are one of those bands that i can listen to anytime and all the time. Funny though i have never seen them play live before. Ive had a couple of opportunities but never followed thru with it. I think its kind of because i hold them on such a pedestal that i almost dont wanna be let down if they were to suck live. I know in my heart they probably would be amazing but i almost dont wanna risk it. Godspeeed You Black Emperor is another band that i hold on a pedestal like that and i saw them two years ago and they were just okay. I mean they were good but the live show wasnt quite as good as what i have grown to love about them. So i give you my favorite videos/songs from each of my favorite bands. Enjoy.

sorry for the lack of blogging i have been busy with a lot of work stuff. Hope to get back to writing on here more...we shall see.

Stripsearch-Faith No More

Dead Flag Blues-Godspeed you Black Emperor

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Riff Raff - greatest rapper alive?!?

Anyone that reads my facebook every now and again knows i LOVE riff raff...actually i think the man is a fucking genius. If you dont know this man he was on a little mtv show called G's to Gents at one point. (he got kicked off on the second show...his name on the show..Jody Highroller...Yes thats it.) He has since moved on to posting videos on youtube a few years ago where he basically freestyled over any and everything. This year however has become the year of Riff Raff. He was recently signed to Mad Descent by Diplo and has been touring and playing shows like crazy. He formed a super group with Andy Milonokias and Dirt Nasty called Three Loco. Even Harmony Korine based a character on him in his film Spring Breakers that is coming out next year (James franco plays the Riff Raff Character in the film) In any case this blog i have filled with a bunch of really good videos from YouTube of Riff Raff so you can enjoy his ridiculousness as much as i do and if you live in LA he is playing two shows coming up in October that are gonna be insane. Enjoy...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Current Obsession...

Ive been obsessively listening to the Purity Ring album after finally getting to see them at FYF fest this year and also hearing songs here and there when i used to go to 120 Minutes in SF all the time. If you havent heard them yet GOOD luck not getting obsessed once you hear them. They are pretty fantastic. Heres some videos along with the first 3 songs of their set from FYF fest this year. Enjoy. Support amazing music.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Birthday Song--2Chainz f. Kanye West

This video is seriously the best music video since like forever. I heard the director of this video is the same dude who has done some The Knife/Fever Ray videos. Whomever it is the person is a god damn genius. Can we please start making for hip hop videos like this please.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Went to see this movie today. Ummmm i still dont know how i feel after witnessing this movie. I mean dont get me wrong it was absolutely amazing BUT absolutely disturbing at the same damn time. What made it even more of a shake my head while watching time was the fact that it was based on true events. Like for real? Like for Real for Real? I dont know as a boss and someone who oversees employees i cant even begin to imagine falling for this "prank". Maybe its just the anti authority part of me that would just automatically call bullshit on some cop calling me on the phone asking me to stripsearch a employee. I give this movie my recommendation though as i think others need to see how some people in this world are just Sheep and completely gullible. Those are the kinds of people that absolutely scare the shit out of me.